Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Talk about getting the "shaft"

For 2 MONTHS, 33 miners have been trapped under ground. In the last 24 hours, all the miners have been rescued. Weeks of digging and planning and a steel cage saved these men from an earthen grave.

One miner said that when he reaches the surface, he wants to see the smiling face of his wife of 28 years, Marta Salinas (who spent weeks keeping vigil for him), and the face of his MISTRESS of 5 years, Susanna Valenzuela.

What a horrible way to discover that your husband is a cheating louse! Apparently, Marta did not choose to show up for miner Yonni Barrios's rescue. I would have appeared at the scene just to push his cheatin' ass back down into the hole.

At least, the settlements from this tragedy will sustain Mrs. Salinas (on the left) LONG after the divorce.

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