Friday, October 14, 2016

As though I NEEDED another reason to drink beer...

"Beer is proof that god loves us, and wants us to be happy."
-Benjamin Franklin (or Homer Simpson, I'm not really sure)

Ignore for a minute all the things that beer is not good for: weight loss, relationship decisions, general hydration, blood sugar maintenance, dancing white dudes, etc. Let's talk about the things that beer IS good for!

Gastrointestinal Health: beer aids in digestion! Some beers trigger the release of gastric acids that make easy digestion possible and nukes the bad bacteria that lives in your tummy.

Bone Health: beer is a source of silicon, which is a component of healthy bones. Screw you, Milk! Take your calcium, and pound sand.

Kidney Health: while beer is busy pickling your liver, it is also preventing kidney stones. I learned this from a co-worker who had horrible kidney stones until her doctor advised her to start drinking beer. Never a kidney stone again! (Fact check if you like.) Put down the soda, and pick up your favorite hoppy bottle for relief.

Heart Health: moderation is key on this one. Slamming down a 12-pack every day isn't going to do much more than give you a headache, but a pint or two daily lessens your risk  falling victim to heart disease by 31%. Those are some delicious odds.

Now, beer can save your bones, and save you some bones in the home decor arena. Everyone has seen those neat beer bottle candles and glasses at street festivals all summer - how do they do that?!
Do it your damn self. Drink beer, be healthy, make stuff. Kinkajou!