Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The most underrated hat EVER

Hands down - it's the fez. Why aren't these things more popular? Only monkeys and Middle-Eastern guy stereotypes in movies wear them. They're comfy and stylish. We need to get a fez on Jessica Simpson's giant baby, or Barack Obama.

I need a Cthulhu fez in my life...for serious.

Hear that dull thud? That's Thoreau rolling in his grave

I get "gamers." There's something really wonderful about exiting your own reality to enter another, possibly more pleasant one. Feeling like a zero in real life and feeling like a hero in digital life can have some really positive results. I've dated my fair share of gamers too.

But there's just something sick about this. Thoreau wandered off and wrote about his experiences because he was dissatisfied with life as it stood. He needed to disconnect with the universe and understand himself - build a cabin, fish, reflect, etc. Living deliberately.

Of all the things to create a game about, Walden is just about as inappropriate as a game for dissecting live baby harp seals. (Okay, that's a bit extreme, but you get the point.)

Read a book for chrissakes. At least books have zombies.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Aaaaaand, this is why dating dentists is a bad idea

Sometimes, blasting a man on the Internet just isn't enough. He wronged you, he cheated, he wasn't as attentive as you needed him to be. Bitching and moaning on Facebook just doesn't cut it.

Just shy of Lorena Bobbit, is Anna Mackowiak. (Although, I would have chosen the Bobbit route, but whatevs.) While her cheating, POS, low-life boyfriend lay sleeping in the chair, complaining of a simple toothache, she removed every last one of his cheating, lying, no-good teeth.

Apparently, toothless dudes aren't something the mistress is into either. Game, set, and match, asshole.

Anna may be facing jail time and revocation of her license, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't give a shit. And I kinda love her for that.

Now, where are my pliers...?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Someone in the marketing department needs to be fired

Sunglasses are easy to sell: make them fashionable, affordable, and accessible. Everyone loves sunglasses. Summer = shades. Very simple.

Celebrity endorsements are another way to get your shades out to the public, but choosing a (dead) blind, deaf, and mute woman is not really the most sensitive way to do it. Even Sarah Palin would have been a more "vision" conscious choice. And wouldn't have offended near as many people.

Fortunately, this campaign was run in China, where the buzz is much more about Kim Kardashian's last pedicure than about pissing off American consumers.

(OMG - they're are super cute...)