Friday, October 22, 2010

Geek evolution

It used to be that being a "geek" was SO not cool. In fact, if you take it to the circus definition, a geek is a performer that does all sorts of gross things with their body, like snorting Tic-Tacs, and eating bugs.

When I was in high school, if you were called a geek it was a terrible insult. Not only did it mean that you're unnaturally smart, it also meant that you were socially inept. You'd be better off being a "nerd" or a "bookworm" than a "geek" any day.

It seems that the definition of geek has evolved in the last 10+ years. There is apparently a way to be a "cool" geek. Not only that, there are different kinds of geeks: movie geek, gamer geek, trivia geek, all of which are suddenly socially acceptable. Who knew?!

So, let me proudly proclaim my allegiance with geeks world wide. I suppose, I am a "crafting geek," one segment not represented on the following flow chart. (Click link for bigger - readable - version.)

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