Thursday, August 26, 2010

Uncomfortably wedged into unusual spaces

Most certainly, I am NOT a fashionista. (I'm a Baconista.) My 9-to-5 wear is usually black pants with colored shirt and black or white cardigan. My casual wear is jeans and t-shirt. No stylish deviation whatsoever. If I look "cute" or "fashionable" for any reason, it's accidental. I'd be a great candidate for "What Not to Wear." *hint, hint*

But for all the fashion that I personally lack (which I can directly attribute to previously mentioned beer and cheese sticks), I'm a helluva critic. So I LOVE this site. While the ladies running this blog are snarky enough, I have some critique to add to the photo below:

Lucy Punch (who I've never heard of) should fire her stylist. Quickly. Her out-dated, drab little outfit looks like it's jammed uncomfortably up into her lady bits. The fashion tragedy would only be worse if it was a bright floral print or had an ill-placed tassel.

Woody Allen, who is weird in his own right, needs to fire his tailor. The pants are way too "grandpa" for a respected, Hollywood film-maker (grandpa). And lose the attitude.

And Gemma Jones, please totter back to the hippy-commune you just fell out of and change into something more formal. The carpet under you should be grass, not red.

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