Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet god of junk food, this is SO wrong.

I like a good cheese stick. And the occasional funnel cake. I admit it, I've eaten bacon (only) for dinner on occasion. And there's really nothing like a deep-dish Chicago pizza. (My cholesterol hurts just thinking about it, but my mouth is watering too...)

While other fast food chains have attempted to offer more healthy options like wraps, salads, and low carb options, our pals at Burger King have acknowledged who's eating at their restaurants and catered to their tastes once again.

From the Enormous Omelet Sandwich of 2005 to the ongoing Quad Stacker, Burger King has been boosting business for cardiologists all over the country. Now, with the new NY Pizza Burger, BK has reached new dietary lows (and caloric highs).

Enjoy. Or rather, please don't.

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