Monday, August 23, 2010

Office dress code

A few months ago, our HR department hauled every woman in the company into a meeting to go over the dress code. Totally unnecessary, in my opinion. There are certainly a few folks that could stand a wardrobe update into corporate America, but the rest of us didn't need to lose an hour of working time to go over something that's publicly published. The dress code isn't exactly a secret.

I know how long my skirts need to be, I know not to wear stripper heels in the office, I know that my cleavage is not to be spilling out of my shirt, and I know that t-shirts that say "Porn Star" are probably not a great idea. Why not isolate the habitual offenders and discuss with them in private?

I'm pretty sure that a closed-door meeting with this guy would be awful interesting...
Suddenly, "Casual Friday" has morphed into "Slovenly Wednesday."

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