Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just because I work in customer service, doesn't mean this was the ONLY job I could get...

I have an art degree, and therefore, no marketable skills. If I wasn't moderately charming and extremely organized, I'd never work. So, throughout high school and college, and on into adulthood, I've worked in some kind of customer service function. There was the toy store, the gift shop, the restaurant(s), the catering company, and corporate customer service.

In the last 14-ish years of various customer service type roles, I have heard my fair share of stupid questions, handled various unrealistic demands, diffused delicate situations with logic that wasn't originally present, and even had my life threatened over a Beanie Baby.

Finally, someone has compiled all the ridiculous stories I have to tell, and more, into a website that allows those people behind the counter that you harass mercilessly to share their pain.

Remember: when you're homicidal over some colossal screw up, or turning red because your coupons aren't ringing up right, you may end up on this website...

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