Monday, December 13, 2010

It's 9pm, do you know where your ho's at?

I'm a shoe junkie. I have everything from sneakers to stripper heels in every color imaginable. (We've covered this before.) A new(-ish) trend in shoes is installing a GPS, in case the wearer gets lost. Especially useful for small children and hikers.

But what if you were to take this technology and apply it to other folks likely to get inexplicably lost? Specifically, sex workers. The Aphrodite Project is doing just that.

Not only is there a GPS for emergency location, the sizable (pardon the expression) "hooker heels," also include audio/visual equipment for advertising, and what amounts to a tiny iPhone in your heel: post to message boards about problem clients, find local STD testing resources, and access email to schedule "appointments."

Not into the whole "doin' it for cash" thing, but kinda want a pair. Sadly, I'd probably just put photos of my stupid dogs on the heel display...

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