Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tiiiiiny housing

The economy is tough. People are being foreclosed out of their homes, and downsizing is par for the course. Why mortgage yourself out of reasonable nutrition, when you can live in style and comfort with everything you actually *need*.

Growing up finds me with more "stuff" than I really need, in more space than I really need. But I guess that's the curse of the homeowner. (Or is it?) But I remember a time when I could comfortably fit everything I needed into a tiny studio on the north side of Chicago. 1 closet, 1 teensy kitchen, 1 tiny bathroom, and one "general" room that housed my bedroom, entertainment, and office space.

Now, I'm drowning in books, furniture, entertainment apparatuses, and various bits of decor. A single woman in a 3 bedroom house, and "not enough space" somehow.

Oh, for the days when all I needed was some clothes, and a bed. If I hadn't bought a house (a real big house), I would have bought one of these. Imagine taking your studio apartment on the road with you. How great would that be?!

Jay Shafer has the right idea.

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