Sunday, December 19, 2010

Serbian badass stomps shark

In America, being a badass means having neck tattoos, riding a sick motorcycle, and spending your weekends base jumping. Apparently, the Serbs get liquored and stomp sharks to death.

Dragan Stevic, told his pal to hold his beer and took a jump into the sea, only to come out complaining that he sprained his ankle (and later claiming that he doesn't remember the incident at all). Turns out the "not too soft" water he landed in, contained a large shark that had been stalking along that beach.

What a shame: you have a wild drunken escapade, which results in the death of a shark, your being named a national hero, and you were too plotzed to remember it.

I wonder how Jaws would have turned out if Roy Scheider has just drank more.

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