Friday, July 29, 2011

Ignore THIS, jerk!

My motorcycle hasn't run for months (totally my fault for letting it sit), and I'm anxious to get back to riding. I still need to change the oil and gas, but those are easy fixes. Maybe throw on some cafe bars (easy fix I can con someone else into doing for me *wink*).

But what I'm not looking forward to is being on the road with other drivers. I ride a bright blue motorcycle, I'm pasty-pale white and covered in tattoos, I have a Captain America helmet (like the one from "Easy Rider")...HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE ME?!?!

I've been cut off in traffic by pickup trucks that could take the back end off my Charger and aggressively merged on by Civics going fast enough to blow me into the next county. But I think I've found the solution: this is sure to get me noticed. I dare you to ignore me and my 2-wheeled, recycled alien. Bwahaha!

I wonder if State Farm ensures extraterrestrials?

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