Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stained glass ain't just for churches

I'm INCREDIBLY proud to admit that I'm friends with a brilliant artist: Brandon Barker.

This guy is a great human being, awesome friend, and innovative artist. And his fiance is BEYOND sweet. Years ago, I met Brandon while I was working at a bar he *used to* work at. He was also an EMT, tryin' to make a buck and survive in Chicago. Some of my favorite stories of EMT work involve bitching about hauling 400-lb people down 3 flights of stairs. (I hear ya, pal. Lotsa sympathy.)

But Brandon is now working toward a degree in what he truly needs no degree in: art. Especially, comic art. Check out the inner workings of the mind of the inimitable Mr. Barker at his site, or see the amazing stained glass interpretations of famous comic covers on LOTS of buzz-worthy sites.

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