Friday, July 15, 2011

Milk's latest (brilliant!!) gimmick

I have a bone to pick with whomever designs the packaging on Midol. You put the pills in a blister pack, inside a box. While in desperate need, I can tear open the box pretty easily, but the tiny pills under plastic and aluminum-backed paper are absolutely maddening! I often have to enlist the help of a tiny, sharp object to retrieve the sanity-restoring drugs.

Here's the point: you're already dealing with people on the verge of multiple homicides with blunt objects, why on earth would you make the cure so difficult to extract?

Milk to the rescue! Apparently, milk eases the symptoms of PMS. So put down the machete, and have a glass of milk. Stop jamming pokey things into your pill packets, and screaming at the man in your life about the one dish left in the sink. Hell, even add some chocolate and boost your phenylethlyamine.

So, guys, ask yourself every 28 milk??

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