Wednesday, July 13, 2011

High fashion gets creepy. Well, creepier...

I like Steve Buscemi as much as the next girl.

Okay, never mind. Let's face facts: girls don't like Steve Buscemi. I'm pretty sure dudes don't either. He's one creepy SOB. I don't care if he's Heff rich, there's not an amount of cash ever calculated that would entice me to get with that. (Or Heff, for that matter.)

So, you're out at the club, and see some foxy chick, you're making "eyes" at each other. And then you notice she's wearing this. What do you think? She's going to lotion me up and skin me later? She's just really into Tarantino movies? I hope she takes that OFF while we're doing it in the bathroom? ('Cause you know some hottie in a Steve Buscemi dress is probably into some freaky stuff...)

Honestly, I'm tempted to contact the retailers of this fashion abomination and see how many they've sold, and whether the purchases were based on a sense of fashion or a sense of humor. Much like that "meditation pod" thingee Hammacher-Schlemmer is trying to sell.

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