Monday, November 1, 2010

No costume, no candy

Another Halloween come and gone. (For anyone curious, I dressed as a fairy. Yeah, I know it kinda goes against that whole "anti-sexy" Halloween costume thing I preach. Who the hell says fairies don't look like tramps in real life anyway?)

I don't do the trick or treat thing. Yeah, that makes me Hallo-Scroogy, but I really can't afford buckets of candy for the hoodlums that get bussed into my neighborhood in groups of 20. Usually teenagers too. It borders on creepy.

Also, my dogs get SUPER irritated if anyone's on the porch. I mean CRAZY, frothing, hackles up irritated. In an effort to just avoid the whole scene, I make it a point to either be away from the house, or keep all the lights off. Last year, I stuck a sign on the door that said, "No trick-or-treating this year. Swine flu. Sorry!"

But what irks me the most is the kids that show up with a grocery bag and no costume. I get that not everyone can afford a costume, but be creative: make some kitty ears out of cardboard and your sister's headband, get some eyeliner out of Mom's bathroom and try for a Gene Simmons, even the dollar store will have *something* you can hack in to a costume.

So friends of mine got smart this year and posted the rule: "No Costume, No Candy." Enjoy.

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