Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big girls are sexy

Women are beautiful. ALL women are beautiful, no matter their size or age. Women can grow life in their bellies (how neat is that!!) and can still do everything a man can do. Women are driven and smart and empathetic creatures.

It has always blown my mind that the commercial image of a sexy woman has been near 6 feet tall and stick thin. I can't imagine how a man wants a woman who's taller than him and who's so thin you can see her ribs. And concave breasts can't possibly attractive.

I like my women with meat: hips, breasts, curves. Something to hang on to. Something to keep you warm. Norwegian photog Sølve Sundsbø agrees with me. Just because us big girls can't carry off a bikini or wear the latest sexy lingerie doesn't mean we're not incredibly hot women.


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