Monday, May 23, 2011

Well, I'm still here. Predictably.

So Saturday was supposed to be the Rapture. Thousands upon thousands of devout Christians were supposed to be sucked up to heaven, leaving us heathens to weather the earthquakes, and smiting, and whatnot until November when the world is supposed to actually end. Fortunately, all my guests were at my birthday party on Saturday night. (Says a lot about me and my pals, eh?)

Looks like it didn't happen for anyone. Either Christians aren't getting it right (which is a whole other discussion), or the Rapture was a crock of crap. I'm voting for option 2.

Apparently, fanatics have been goofing this up for thousands of years. The first goof came from the ancient Abyssinians (who were ultimately destroyed by the Babylonians), and the last 2 have come from Harold Camping. Third time's a charm?

Read about other failed apocalyptic predictions here. Pretty entertaining, actually. The devout have been screwing this up for years!

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