Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I really don't understand. At all.

Speaking as a heavily tattooed woman, I'm a fan of body art. I think that if your body's a temple, you should decorate it. Make your arms expressions of what you think is beautiful. Cover your legs in fun. Your back is an empty canvas, fill it with stunning images of what's important in your life.

Tattooing has been around for centuries. Initially used to designate warriors and priests, tattooing was a high art. Only in the last few hundred years has tattooing been designated for sailors and whores only. Fortunately, we're experiencing a tattoo renaissance. That average guy in the next cubicle over probably has something emblazoned on his shoulder blade, or his frat letters on his ankle. Your boss probably has a tramp stamp, or an arm band in honor of her kids.

But tattooing pigs. WTF? I read the artist's statement (he's a vegetarian) and still don't understand. Yeah, designer animals are hysterical, but shouldn't PETA be stepping in? While I disagree with dying your chihuahua pink, or dressing your yorkie as a biker, this is really beyond the realm of "weird stuff people do to their pets."

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