Thursday, September 23, 2010

I thought college was supposed to make you smart

Personally, I have an art degree, so I KNOW I have no marketable skills. But someone with a communications background should *surely* be able to script a resume better than this.

(Here's the text, so when this post expires, it doesn't get lost to the vast reaches of the Internet:
"looking for a legitimate form of employment.......i can email u my resume if needed....i'm good with people and for some odd reason they feel comfortable around me.....i attend the U of M majoring in communications in foreign linguistics,but i'm taking the semester off to get finances situated. So, im opened to work any time Full time,part time,temp, otherwise ......i do have some managerial typing skills do go beyond computer if anyone knows of any places,have any type of connections please hit me up")

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