Wednesday, September 8, 2010

FDA takes on the 3 eyed salmon

The FDA recently approved the first genetically modified animal for human consumption: a salmon.

While I'm not a fish person (severe shell-fish allergy, all other swimmers are guilty by association...), the Weight Watchers junkies I know are all about the low-calorie, low-fat protein. I worry for their safety. The gene inserted into the salmon is referred to as the "anti-freeze" gene. The salmon may be endangered, but is it really necessary to adjust its genes to ensure survival as a buffet item?

Apparently, the FDA is also NOT requiring vendors to claim that their fish is genetically modified, yet. The fish has been engineered to grow twice as fast as a "natural" salmon, but you don't need to know.

All of this makes veganism more attractive. (Spoken as a Baconista...consider THAT.)

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