Monday, October 10, 2011

If I had a nickel for every shred of fluff on my living room floor

I'd be an extremely rich woman. My pups are masters of destruction. Well, one is a master, the other goes along. Plush dog toys are expertly disemboweled in seconds around here. Rubber squeaky things are found in pieces in the yard a few days after they disappear (if you know what I mean, yuck). I even bought a $26 chew toy that had a video playing above it in the pet store of an adult tiger playing joyfully with it.

Me and my "smart" investment came home. I dropped it on the living room floor, went to use the restroom, and came back to find what was left of it strewn all over the house. Thank goodness for the "money back guarantee." I had to return it in two bags.

So this site makes me smile. It's good to know that mine aren't the only two pooches bent on total destruction. While my furniture is in largely good shape, I've got shoes that have seen better days, a few books that look more worn than they should, and countless rolls of toilet paper that are half what they used to be. Not to mention the occasional pile of vomit with remnants of easily identifiable favorite panties.

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