Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Damn cry baby

It's old news but still interesting. Apparently, one Richard Overton sued the Anheuser-Busch company for false advertising in 1991 because he couldn't bed the beautiful women in the commercials. He cited advertising that implies that one can do flips into a pool (without claims of potential injury) and subsequently impress attractive women.

People will sue over anything lately. Maybe I should sue Camel cigarettes for being so tasty. Or Miller Lite for not explaining that over-consumption of their products will give me a hangover. How about suing my job for stress, or suing the local supermarket for running out of the cheese I want (thus causing emotional distress and malnutrition)?

Our parents and their parents worked hard for what they wanted and weren't near as "suit-happy" as this generation. They weren't in this kind of massive debt, they didn't NEED the newest gadget, they made due with what they had available.

Calm the fuck down, and deal with it. Throw on your big boy/girl drawers and live like a decent human being. You know who you need to sue? The doctor that amputated the wrong foot. The dealership that knowingly sold you a car that would explode. The creator of the virus that stole your identity. The dumb, drunk bitch that totaled your ride. If you can't get ladies, don't waste the court's time. Get a self-help book and move on. It's much cheaper than legal fees.

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