Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting knocked up gets easier

And you thought 1 foolish, beer-addled moment was all it took. Avoid the hangover and the uncomfortable "morning after" exchange of t-shirts with a free sperm donor.

Horrified as I was to read this article, it makes some sense. Although I'm still creeped out by a 40-year-old virgin that gets off on donating without the assistance of a sperm bank. Gay couples and the self-employed folks out there may be able to conceive after all, and with no financial fallout. Well, at least not before the child arrives.

Artificial insemination is expensive, as are fertility treatments, and not all insurance will cover those procedures. The sad part is that the FDA has intervened and is after the donors. The gentleman in the video below has been court ordered to stop the "cease the manufacture and distribution of sperm." (Personally, I'm not sure how that's possible...)

Read the article in Newsweek. It's very interesting.

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