Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eat it, Michael Flatley.

Years ago, I was an Irish dancer. It was incredibly hard work. Especially during the St. Patrick's Day parade. Imagine skipping at top extension (for lack of a better way to express it) for 2 straight miles, meanwhile stopping every quarter mile to do a complete, 3 minute, high-energy dance in front of some media booth. Also: our costumes were easily 40 LBS of wool and embroidery. This was not a cool experience.

When "Riverdance" came out, I was pissed. This Michael Flatley dude made it look like all smiles and vigorous flailing. Like ballet but with smiles and more masculine outfits. This was not the Irish dancing I learned and destroyed my hip joints for. How dare he take this marshmallowy dance and make a bazillion dollars on it, when I sacrificed my love of dance to nurse stupid injuries.

So this tickles me to no end. Riverdance...? Try "Potty Dance."

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