Friday, June 24, 2011

Lady killer. Er, killer lady?

Jewelry designer, Ted Noten, is "out there" to say the least. He seems to have some kind of obsession with both women and weapons. While women are nice, and guns are great, Ted's meld of the two has produced some odd results.

His latest gun/girl combo is pretty overwhelming, in the worst ways. Available in black (the "Chanel" model), and white (the "Dior" model), these "guns" are nightlife accessories that pack a punch. While they don't actually shoot bullets (boo!), they do contain 7 essential accessories for the gun savvy gold-digger: lip gloss, an antique hairpin, a gold toothpick, perfume, a gold bar, a USB drive, and a Viagra pill. (You heard me...)

Do I need a carry permit for this monstrous violation on gun lovers?

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