Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to the gym.

It's summer, especially here in Memphis. It's been over 90 degrees for a month, and pools have been open for two. And it's going to get worse. Last year we were over 100 degrees for more than a month. Plus "heat index." Ugh.

So what does one wear in excessive heat? Hats with little fans? Misting, spritzer doo-hickies? Nothing at all? (None of these options are socially acceptable, by the way.) Personally, I wear full length pants and a suit jacket due to the ol' corporate 9-to-5. Needless to say, summer is *extra* miserable for me.

If I were in better shape, I would wear this. In a heartbeat. Not only is it stylish, but useful! No need to hop off your chaise lounge for a beer opener. Just reach for your cleavage. Sometimes the answers are so very close. Might be a great excuse for some quality time with the treadmill.

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