Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Entrepreneur, or Entrepre-neurd?

Some days, the universe destroys your faith in the rest of humanity to be intelligent and decent to one another. Other days, it's flooded with escapist cuteness. And on rare days, it reminds you that there ARE smart, ambitious folks out in the world that want to challenge your intellect and bring you joy.

Meet Brady Whitney. A tragic name for a dude, in my opinion. But he fully overcomes any giggles shot his way with his Kickstarter campaign to create the "Codex Silenda."

In an age where Pokemon Go is the only thing getting kids (and many grown ups) off the couch, games/puzzles that require some thought are extremely marketable. Basically, if I can utilize this item without moving, turning off my computer or TV, while talking on the phone, and texting - gimmee!

Attracting readers and puzzle fans alike, his hand-crafted "book" provides a complex puzzle, engaging story, and piece of art - without the astronomical price tag of similar craft items.  Check out his video below for more detail on exactly how this thing works.

With a desired funding goal of $30,000, Brady and his Codex have earned $170,557, with another 20 days to go! There's your proof. Good guys win (and win BIG) once in a while.

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