Monday, July 16, 2012

My Little Pony gets a makeover

Artist Mari Kasurinen is an...artist...? I guess there's a market for every kind of art. Even if it's pony-centric.

While I never had a desire to have a horse as a child (too much poo!), I had a pretty serious fondness for My Little Pony. They're cute, have fun hair, and magical powers. How can an 8-year-old resist?! Okay, a 31-year-old is pretty helpless too...

But why stop at plastic toys and cartoon shows, when you can market to the parents? Your toddler may be entranced with the pony with the diamond on its tush, but you will certainly be taken in by the Michael Jackson pony you can sport on your desk.

Only $250 each. Just a car payment. No worries.

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