Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Appealing to your inner intellectual badass

Let's be honest: there are VERY many more things sexier than the History Channel. I'm not talking about Cinemax after 11pm, but Swamp People, Cops, and whatever's playing on PBS at this very moment are certainly in the running.

So in an effort to make history "sexy," and therefore interesting to us plebs with birth dates in the 1980s that don't pay attention to anything unless it's on fire, designer Jenny Burrows decided to embark on a project that demonstrates how tough historical figures are in comparison to some modern "heroes."

Sadly, her use of the Smithsonian's logo went "too viral" and she was asked to take down any options to purchase these as prints. Quite a shame because "Historically Hardcore" would have been an amazing ad campaign. Some of the simplest facts, presented in the most direct ways can be incredibly persuasive.

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