Monday, August 29, 2011

Jordan: the Final Frontier

Okay, I'll admit it. I was a Trekkie. When I was younger, I watched Star Trek a LOT. Especially The Next Generation. I loved the technology and the drama and the characters. There was intrigue and sexual tension, coupled with phasers and doors that made amusing noises.

My roommate (who claims he's not a Trek fan despite watching it daily), has the greatest blog ever: Star Trek Hugs. There's a lot of squishy intimacy in that show that's gone largely unnoticed.

Someone who HAS noticed how great the Star Trek franchise is, is the King of Jordan: King Abdullah II. He's planning to construct a $1.5 Billion Star Trek theme park. He's even made a cameo appearance (he's the guy with the blue shoulders) in a TNG episode. I'm sure Jordan's tourism could use a boost. This just might be the answer.

The park will contain hotels, restaurants, and theaters. Its 183 acres will highlight Star Trek features as well as Jordan's natural history. Neat, huh?

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