Sunday, March 27, 2011

And I thought Amazon was the epicenter of online shopping...

Well, I have been proven wrong. While I can get just about everything I want on, including weapons grade uranium, there are some items that warrant their own place on the Internet.

There are places with even more necessities on the web:

Think Geek! - nerdery, geeketry, dorktasia, and weirdo gear abound.

Neato Shop - "Neat" doesn't even begin to cover the crazy, "who the hell thought of that" items in this online store.

Threadless - You've never had a shirt this cool. In fact, the shirt may be cooler than you.

Perpetual Kid - The best place on the Internet to squander your allowance.

Archie McFee - Home of the Jesus Action Figure. 'Nuff said.

And finally, - the name says it all.

While these sites don't offer the "Prime" program that Amazon does, they're definitely worth a look.

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