Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There's an app for that too

I recently caved and became an iPerson. I have an app for every conceivable situation: tracking receipts, hunting for deals, fining cheap gas, even getting out of a bad date. (The app is called: "Save Me." I recommend.)

These tiny mobile devices are at the forefront of a convenience revolution. No need to call in that prescription, or use a phone book. Just break out your smartphone and handle your business.

So, what's missing? Obvs: a confession app. Too busy playing Angry Birds to get to church on Sunday morning? Confess your darkest sins via iPhone. An excellent companion to the Vatican's YouTube channel, the simply named "Confession" app ("iSinned"?) has been been given the Papal blessing for use.

Repenting was never this easy. But this totally begs the question: who are you confessing to? A priest or an iPhone? Communication between you and your religious rep is privileged, communication between you and your iPhone is not. I see a Law & Order episode in our future...

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