Monday, February 7, 2011

Budget cuts

The economy has hit everyone hard. Foreclosures are through the roof, unemployment tops 10% in most states, and companies are down-sizing like mad. Top level people are getting axed, with no prospects, and bottom level folks are still scrambling to find something stable.

So in today's tough economic climate, how to companies cut costs? More lay-offs? No, you deplete your much-needed, thread-bare work force. More service cuts? No, you can't possibly be any less accommodating than you already are. Cut your customer service staff? While they tend to be the largest department, haven't you ever wondered why?

Here's the way to cut the overhead: mobile offices. Not just "work-from-home" employees, but *totally* mobile offices. While you may need a box truck to move them, you can set up an office anywhere. Why rent space when you can build space on the spot?

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