Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teenagers can be human beings. Who knew?

Those obnoxious high schoolers making a scene on public transportation, making out at the mall, and driving like morons; turns out they have feelings. And periodically behave better than some adults.

It's 2012, gone (at least legally) are the days of racial and gender discrimination. People with disabilities are just as valuable as the rest of us, and once we hop over the hurdle of gay rights (fingers crossed!), we're sitting pretty. However, socially, there are some that are still catching up.

Nuggets of Truth: women are just as smart as men, people come in different colors and it has no effect on their intelligence, just because someone's legs don't work doesn't mean their brain is broken too, and your son enjoying fantasy video games and the color purple is not a free ticket to Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Parents: your kids are growing up in a totally different world than you did. Shoot, they're in a different environment than I was in as a kid. Show some fucking adaptability.

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