Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's he *really* thinking...?

Ladies: we all have heard it - "men think about sex every seven seconds." Well, an Ohio State University study suggests that the number is actually more like 20 times a day. Less than once per waking half hour. While that's still much less than women, 20 times is WAY less than the 8,000 times we were assuming our male counterparts were thinking about knockin' boots.

Here's the interesting bit: know what your man is really thinking about almost as much as sex? Food. Yep, ladies, we're almost edged out of importance by turkey sandwiches and apple pie. For every 19 thoughts he has about "doin' it," he has another 18 thoughts about blueberry muffins or scalloped potatoes.

Feeling special right about now...

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